Born into a family of professional musicians in Germany, Sylvia Petra Heneghan grew up in the area called "Eifel" - known for its beautiful crater lakes and forests. As a child and teenager she loved art of all kinds and was very active with painting, creating pottery, practicing calligraphy and playing the flute, organ and the clarinet. She later became the lead singer in a local band.

She began to love and learn the making of jewelry when she moved to Florida 2005, where her husband had a jewelry business. This was when she made her first jewelry pieces and it became her passion. Then, at the Gulf Coast Museum of Art, she completed a silver-smith course and since then has continued expanding her knowledge and skills.

Her creations are one-of-a-kind, hand-made pieces with a European touch. Sylvia enjoys working with natural stones, freshwater pearl and, frankly, whatever else inspires her. The majority of her pieces are quite versatile as well, looking equally stunning whether paired with jeans or formal wear. Please enjoy your journey in her world of jewelry – and share the passion with her!

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Sylvia Petra Heneghan
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